Exposure: Bdy_Prts

Exposure: Bdy_Prts

Jill O'Sullivan (Sparrow and the Workshop) discusses her new alt.pop project

Glasgow alt-pop dead-ringers Bdy_Prts formed in a Little Chef, over an apple pie. The glorious machine-rock duo stars Sparrow and the Workshop's Jill O'Sullivan and Strike the Colours' Jenny Reeve, and they release their superlative debut single, 'IDLU' in March. Grrrl-group harmonies and kick-ass melodies come as standard. Whether they'll comply with our merchandise request (bdy_stckngs) remains to be seen.

[O'Sullivan moonwalks in]
What galvanises Bdy_Prts?
'We love our guitars and violins. Lately we've been courting a sunburst baritone Fender 6, which has us mesmerised by its moody powers. We're also fascinated by vintage samplers, à la our Akai MPC 1000 and, more recently, with Maschine. At first we looked like the apes in Space Odyssey around the monolith, but we're getting it now – particularly with the help of drum Yoda, Jonny Scott, and our friend Julian [Miaoux Miaoux].'

Do Bdy_Prts have a spirit animal?
'Our joint animal is an Aggrocat. It's a terrifying beast with a good heart and noble intentions. We love all animals. We're currently penning a self-help book entitled Love Your Horse, Love Yourself.'

Is Bdy_Prts' name inspired by the anatomy-toting lineage of femme-pop bands like the Slits and Hole?
'No, that idea brings us out in a rash. Our name is to do with our actual physical shapes – the ones unique to Jenny and me. We're both quite long of limb and similar in shape, plus we tend to entwine melody lines and voices like it's second nature.'
[O'Sullivan moonwalks out]

Nice’n’Sleazy, Glasgow, Wed 5 Mar. 'IDLU' is out on Mon 3 Mar.

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