An introduction to Danish electro/R&B singer MØ

An introduction to Danish electro/R&B singer MØ

Karen Marie Ørsted is a must for fans of Little Dragon, Lykke Li and Grimes

Some important facts about , in no particular order. Her real name is Karen Marie Ørsted and she comes from Odense, Denmark. Her stage name is old Norse for ‘maiden’ or ‘virgin’. Her youth was misspent playing squat parties with an all-girl punk band called MOR. Her influences as a much-touted solo electro-R&B singer with a sombrely soulful touch include Little Dragon, Lykke Li and Grimes (especially Grimes). And Santigold, aesthetically speaking – a bit too much in fact, if you compare the art for Santigold’s debut album to that for MØ’s single ‘Don’t Wanna Dance’.

A debate about the difference between 'homage' and 'plagiarism' notwithstanding, this Dane looks set to become the next stylish Scandinavian pop singer to sail straight into your affections. All evidence so far – and by that we mean songs like the oh-so-Lykke ‘Never Wanna Know’ and the Diplo-featurin’ ‘XXX 88’ (see the totally tropical Kilter remix of the latter especially) – suggests Ørsted’s debut album No Mythologies To Follow will be thoroughly delicious, not to mention heavily feature the word ‘wanna’. See also: her glitch-tastic cover of ‘Say You’ll Be There’ by the Spice Girls – Scary, Ginger, Sporty and co being the first band she ever bought an album by. How did that nugget not make the above list of important facts about MØ?

Broadcast, Glasgow, Sat 8 Mar.

MØ - XXX 88 (Kilter Remix)

MØ - Glass (Official video)

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