Ladyfest Glasgow: They’re not anti-boy, they’re just pro-girl

Ladyfest Glasgow: They’re not anti-boy, they’re just pro-girl

The annual festival is now a monthly get together promoting woman musicians and DJs

UPDATE: Due to a venue double-booking, the Ladyfest event on Wed 5 Mar has been cancelled, but there will be another March event at The Art School to replace it - keep an eye on the Ladyfest Facebook page for more details. The next officially scheduled event is on Wed 2 Apr.

Ladyfest Glasgow aim to subvert that strange but true reality of the music world; there are still more men DJing, more men behind sound desks, more men writing music criticism; more men making the actual music. And for why? Calling bullshit on this bizarre state of affairs, and bringing females from the local music scene to the fore, the collective (who describe themselves as, ‘a group of women who set up a mostly-woman music festival in Glasgow in 2013’) now assemble on the first Wednesday of the month at the Vic Bar in the refurbished Art School, for a club night featuring mostly woman musicians and DJs.  

Local heroes ANAKANAK, Ela OrleansMuscles of Joy, Grimalkin 555 and Honeyblood have all taken part in Ladyfest events in the past, so assume good things for the March night’s line-up, which was still TBC at time of going to press. Falling a few days before International Women’s Day, it’s a safe bet that the female force will be strong.

Ladyfest Presents, The Art School, Glasgow, Wed 2 Apr; International Women’s Day, Sat 8 Mar. See Ladyfest Glasgow’s Facebook page for updates. 

Ladyfest Presents

The team behind the festival hit the town spinning (the decks) and invite you to join them.