PAWS - Mono, Glasgow, Fri 7 Feb 2014 (4 stars)

PAWS - Mono, Glasgow, Fri 7 Feb 2014

The Glasgow posse showcase electric new material from upcoming album Youth Culture Forever

A pre-New Year blog post had Philip Taylor, the frontman of Glasgow thrash-poppers PAWS, lambast 'unoriginal' music journalists for labelling his group as part of a 'grunge revival'.

While it's an understandably frustrated complaint (grunge continues now only as an apparition after its 90s implosion), it's hardly surprising, given Taylor's deep-rooted reverence for the period and the transparent impact it's had on his own material.

The title of the new album on show (Youth Culture Forever) is a phrase that first surfaced in a PAWS interview in 2011, with Taylor referring to the Pacific Northwest movement, but now headlines songs that are observations on dissociation, the ebbing away of adolescence, and the old memories which remain almost as spectres.

It has ended up abbreviated as a tattoo under Taylor's knuckles, which tonight in Mono is wrapped around a guitar as electric as the mood.

Between expectantly well-received Cokefloat! numbers ('Catherine 1956', 'Jellyfish'), some of YCF's tapestry is unstitched, and it is clear a more refined group have emerged from the early haze of cassette. Taylor's vocal delivery is more pronounced – something he attributes to the improvement of equipment – and is most obvious right before the hash-bash closing thrash of 'Someone New' or throughout the scornful 'Let's All Let Go'.

The frontman clearly identifies with tragedy, with his Cobain homage 'Sore Tummy' making room for 'Owl's Talon Clenching My Heart', a subtle nod to the phrase poet Sylvia Plath wrote before her suicide.

It's an exciting trailer for the upcoming main feature, with an album release scheduled for May, and one that simply cannot come quick enough.

Phillip Taylor (PAWS)- "Youth Culture Forever" live acoustic at VoxBox



Upcoming outfit influenced by lo-fi US guitar rock from the 90s.

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