Girl Thing think fatherhood will change Cowell

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  • 19 February 2014
Girl Thing

Girl Thing

Simon Cowell's short-lived girl group Girl Thing believe fatherhood will change him. The star welcomed his first son, Eric, on Valentine's Day (14.02.14)

Girl Thing think their former mentor Simon Cowell will change as a person now he has become a dad.

The five-piece group have all become mothers since the band split in 2001 and believe Simon - who put them together - will become a more caring person now he and his partner Lauren Silverman have welcomed baby son Eric into the world.

Band member Michelle Barber told BANG Showbiz: "Being a parent might mellow him out a bit more. I imagine he'll rule the roost very strictly and his child will probably be very well behaved. He should get a bit of tact, he's a bit tactless, Simon. Sometimes telling kids exactly how it is, isn't always the best thing."

Jodi Albert believes Simon has already proven his parenting abilities when he mentored Girl Thing - who have reformed for TV series 'The Big Reunion' and whose music will be on 'The Big Reunion 2014 Official Album', which is out on March 3 - and all of his other groups, including her husband Kian Egan's former band Westlife.

She said: "I think he's going to be a wonderful father, I really do. He's such a caring person. He has a very strong business head and certain persona, but he's a real sweetheart and he's a real caring person.

"That was the whole thing for me in Girl Thing. As much as our story went the way it went that wasn't ever to Simon's detriment because he was always very supportive and he really gave us everything and he gave me my first ever break in the industry and I'll always be grateful to him for that.

"If we get to see baby Eric at some point soon I will definitely get him a present. I've got good taste!"

Linzi Martin - who is also joined in the group by Anika Bostelaar and Nikki Stuart - thinks little Eric will open up emotions in 'The X Factor' mogul that he has never felt before.

She said: "I think when you become a parent for the first time, it kind of takes your breath a little bit because it's so overwhelming. I personally think he's going to get some feelings that he probably never knew he had, I really do. I think he's going to embrace it and I think he's going to be a fantastic dad."

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