Review of the year - TV

The Sopranos

The Sopranos David Chase’s cryptic diner finale wasn’t to all tastes, but the doubters were, obviously, just plain wrong. TV won’t ever be the same with Tony’s passing.

Life on Mars Seems that some weren’t that keen on how the curtain was brought down on this time-warping cop show either. But for all its one-trick poneydom, it was quite simply the best British drama series for a long while.

Heroes Daft and delirious in equal measure, this comic book fantasy kept the blood pumping with its mind readers, shape shifters and self healers.

Derren Brown: Trick or Treat More magical mayhem from old spooky drawers as he convinced one guy that he was a ventriloquist’s dummy being locked in a box and helped a sloppy driver witness her own death. Inspired.

30 Rock The best new US comedy of the year from the pen of Tina Fey who gave herself the key role in this media spoof.

Boy A Alongside Secret Life and Forgiven, this adaptation of Jonathan Trigell’s novel about a childhood killer being released many years after his crime crowned a fine year for one-off Channel 4 dramas.

The Not Dead Brian Hill and Simon Armitage’s documentary with poetry laid bare the horror of war and the shoddy treatment of British soldiers once battle dies down.

Seven Ages of Rock Addictive series about the history of rock music starting at Hendrix and finishing with the Gallaghers.

Britz Peter Kosminsky’s two-parter may have lacked 100% credibility but the tale of two British Muslims exploring their identities in diverse ways was at the very least a heart-pumping thriller.

The Peter Serafinowicz Show Naturally patchy, but this sketch show featured an awesome array of impersonations making Serafinowicz the British comedy discovery of the year.

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