Christmas turkeys

Jamie Oliver and turkeys

Jamie at Home Christmas Special He may be trying to save us from rearing a nation of porkers, but that doesn’t mean he deserves to keep plaguing our screens. Out Oliver! Channel 4, Fri 21 Dec, 9pm.

Parkinson It’s the final show ever! What took him so long? ITV1, Sat 22 Dec, 10.15pm.

Most Shocking Celebrity Moments of the 80s/90s/00s Do we really need to see Jacko dangling his bairn off a German balcony or David Icke turquoising it up on Wogan? Apparently we do. Five, Mon 24–Wed 26 Dec, 9pm.

My Family Christmas Special Don’t say you weren’t warned. BBC1, Wed 26 Dec, 7pm.

Shameless At least three years past its sell-by date, the Gallaghers are now devoid of humour but with enough jolting camera movements to just about keep you awake. Channel 4, Tue 1 Jan, 10.10pm.

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