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Inviting 35 international MFA students from Edinburgh College of Art to contribute to this group show, on the proviso that their work is no more than 30cm in width by 200cm in height might be more to do with the limited space available in the Corn Exchange, but it was surely also a useful exercise in understanding the practicalities of gallery display.

In the event, as is the way of such things, those who have risen to the challenge have done so exceptionally well, while others have managed neither. In the event, some pieces manage to be both pretty and pretty intriguing, such as Brian Hewitt’s ‘Constellation No.5’, a sequence of fairy lights mounted on what appears to be a grid of enlarged circuit board wires fixed to the wall. Yuping Li’s ‘Light of Edinburgh’, a simple series of five well-painted studies of natural light, also stands out.

Selkirk and Begg’s ‘Allocated Space x2’ – a chunk of concrete and, nebulously, a separate block of ‘air’ cut to the prescribed dimensions – is the most overtly conceptual piece, while the fragile inertia of Shona Macnaughton’s ‘Muffled’ – a clean, precarious heap of fine white powder spread over a hunk of metal – incorporates a teasing kind of formalism that’s absent elsewhere. (David Pollock)

Corn Exchange Gallery, Edinburgh, until Thu 20 Dec

OPEN : Edinburgh College of Art

  • 3 stars

For the Corn Exchange Gallery's first ever groups show, 38 international post-graduate students from Edinburgh College of Art, working in a variety of disciplines from sculpture to tapestry, were asked to create new works no bigger than 30 x 200 cm. The results are inevitably mixed, but many of the piece manage to be both…

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