Phoenix - Barrowland, Glasgow, Mon 10 Feb 2014 (4 stars)

Phoenix - Barrowland, Glasgow, Mon 10 Feb 2014

A feelgood, no-filler show from Thomas Mars' gallic pop posse

Unlike the steady ascent of their career, there was no teasing build-up from Phoenix at this feelgood, no-filler show. The French foursome jumped straight into a succession of storming power pop tracks, while frontman Thomas Mars headed immediately for the front rows, a go-getting stage presence off-setting his reedy tenor; though even this was turned to an advantage when bolstered by the unison vocals of bassist Deck d’Arcy.

The tease came later, when guitarists Christian Mazzalai and Laurent Brancowitz indulged in a chiming little duel to the delight of the crowd. But then everything about this performance tickled the audience, and understandably so. At their best, Phoenix deliver an alchemical pop hit as effective as their peers Daft Punk, MGMT and Empire of the Sun, and this was a celebratory example of a gig where the audience and venue pushed the performers to greater heights.

Mars returned to his favourite spot, perched on the lip of the crash barrier amid a forest of smartphones, to commence the encore, before voyaging deep into the crowd to offer his personal thanks for our attendance. Mais non, merci à vous.

Phoenix - Chloroform (Official Video)


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