Galcher Lustwerk prepares to present his 'Working Man’s Techno' at Numbers

Galcher Lustwerk prepares to present his 'Working Man’s Techno' at Numbers

The house/techno producer will be sharing a bill with equally eclectic producer Midland

Somewhere between 100% Galcher, an hour-long journey of snippets and longer tracks, and the release of his debut EP Tape 22 last May, hype for Galcher Lustwerk has settled into place. Across many darkened bedrooms, fans of deep house, soft techno, and understated hip hop have been united. ‘I'm surprised’, Galcher admits. ‘Not just at the impression it's made in the UK, but all over. It feels good and I just hope I can continue to impress as more music gets released.’

The modesty is as seductive as his sound. Releasing on White Material Records, one of a clutch of red-hot house and techno imprints blossoming in New York over the past few years, his tracks are a celebration of the label’s motto of ‘Working Man’s Techno’: music offering up both a rhythmic and conceptual counterpart to a week of hard graft. Sitting alongside releases from label owners Young Male and DJ Richard, Galcher’s escapist narratives could not be more appropriate.

Starting out in rap and hip hop, he only really found his sound once he’d taken both genres’ penchant for exaggerated storytelling, teamed it with deep, atmospheric techno-flecked house, and tightened it with a sensitive, narcotic pulse. The result is a series of cinematic, late-night universes where fantasy and reality blend; it’s this slightly unreal sense of anything-goes spontaneity which informs his unrestricted record choice behind the decks: ‘Whatever I feel like playing at that moment, I’ll put on,’ he insists. ‘I don’t stick to one genre per set.’

Joined by the equally eclectic-favouring Leeds-based producer Midland, making his Numbers debut after an incredible year which kicked off with the release of arguably one of the biggest club tracks of 2013, ‘Trace’. Prepare for a dynamic foray into house, techno and whatever else ensnares their imagination.

Sub Club, Glasgow, Fri 21 Feb.

Galcher Lustwerk - Tape 22


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