Rick Edwards still 'addicted' to Made in Chelsea

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  • 14 February 2014
Rick Edwards

Rick Edwards

Rick Edwards says he is still "addicted" to E4 reality show 'Made in Chelsea' and hasn't tired of the drama among the show's cast

Rick Edwards is still "addicted" to 'Made in Chelsea'.

The TV presenter, who hosts the E4 reality show's end-of-season party episodes, insists he hasn't tired of the drama among the rich socialites on the show and still watches it religiously.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I'm just kind of addicted to 'Made in Chelsea'. I don't really watch that much TV, and there's certainly not much TV where I think, 'I have to be in at this time on this day.' But 'Made in Chelsea' is probably the only show where, if someone says to me, 'Do you want to do something on Monday night?' I go, 'What time is it gonna finish?'

"My enthusiasm is undampened. I'm looking forward to the next series, and the next series.

"I think the producers do an amazing job on it because it feels like it gets better and better, and more and more absurd, but engaging."

The 34-year-old hunk - who has hosted 'T4' and 'Tool Academy' - admits he'd love to host a big primetime show like 'The X Factor' or 'The Voice' but would never want to replace an existing presenter.

He explained: "I really like the people who host those shows. I think ideally it would have to be a new show so it would feel like your own.

"'The X Factor' feels, quintessentially, like Dermot's show to me. I've almost forgotten that Kate Thornton did it in the past, and that's no disrespect to her.

"I guess as a TV presenter the ultimate thing would be a high-rating, primetime Saturday night vehicle. I'd love to do something like that. I've always enjoyed the experience of doing stuff in big studio settings, in front of an audience."

Rick Edwards is the MasterCard red carpet presenter at The BRIT Awards 2014 on 19th February. To get closer to the music follow @MasterCardUK and visit somethingforthefans.co.uk.

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