Programme launched for Edinburgh International Science Festival 2014

Programme launched for Edinburgh International Science Festival 2014

This year's festival aims to uncover the 'Science at the Heart of Everything'

'Science at the Heart of Everything' is the tagline for the Edinburgh International Science Festival 2014, which launched this morning. The festival, which will take place from Sat 5–Sun 20 Apr, hopes to bring together adults, children, students and families to discover the science behind food and drink, politics, art, literature and engineering.

Popping up at venues across the city, including Edinburgh’s creative technology hub Summerhall (a new venue partner for 2014), this year’s festival line up boasts an insight into how science affects every aspect of our lives. One of the keystone events is GastroFest, which will aim to show the centrality of science in our food and drink. This mini-festival will promote healthy eating and the technologies behind growing and making food and how that can improve our quality of life.

Among the high profile names from the world of science turning up at this year’s festival are Nobel Prize winner Peter Higgs, comedians Helen Arney and Robin Ince and broadcasters Jim Al Khalili, Hermione Cockburn and Simon Watt.

Programme highlights you may want to put in your diary immediately include The Reading Experiment (celebrating science writing in all its forms), Scotland Decides (exploring the psychology behind voting habits and analysing the scientific issues that would be thrown up should Scotland become independent), Science at the HeART of Things (showcasing science inspired artwork) and a vast assortment of late night events, family orientated day exhibits and fun activities.

For more information, and the whole festival schedule, check out the festival brochure.

Edinburgh Science Festival

Hands-on science for families in venues across the city with a programme ranging from the entertaining to the controversial and, of course, the icky. The theme for 2020 is Elementary with events focusing on earth, air, fire and water, plus fifth element 'aether'.


Science and gastronomy converge at this foodie mini-fest organised by Edinburgh International Science Festival. Food producers, chefs and mixologists help sciencey types explore the experiences of taste, disgust, pleasure and other aspects of consumption through demos, workshops, exhibitions and discussions.

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