Alex Pettyfer doesn't want to dance on screen

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  • 13 February 2014
Alex Pettyfer

Alex Pettyfer

'Endless Love' star Alex Pettyfer is searching for a film role which doesn't require him to dance

Alex Pettyfer wants a film role where he doesn't have to dance.

The 'Magic Mike' actor insists he "can't dance" and was pleased a scene in romantic drama 'Endless Love' didn't require him to have the best moves.

He told the Belfast Telegraph newspaper: "I can't dance, that's the thing. I can't dance or sing, I can barely act. They asked me to dance in 'Magic Mike'. I was like, 'Alright, fine, I'm going to waddle.'

"In 'Endless Love' there's a scene - which actually, by me not being able to dance works well - they said, 'We want you to do this dance scene.' I was like, 'Is there going to be a movie where I'm not dancing next, please?'"

Pettyfer doubts his own skills on the dance floor but applauds his 'Magic Mike' co-star Matt Bomer who has "rhythm".

He added: "I did have a partner in Magic Mike, it was Matt Bomer, and Matt's amazing, he's got that rhythm and he's an incredible singer.

"But yeah, I need to find a movie where I don't have to dance in it."

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