Boyband M.A.D getting mobbed by girls

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 11 February 2014


Boyband M.A.D are getting used to being mobbed by school girls in the street and are set to release their second single

Boyband M.A.D are getting used to being mobbed by school girls in the street.

The group - made up of Michael Sutthakorn, AB Pryer and Dan Lewis - are Britain's newest teen pop act and have already scored a Top 40 hit with their debut single 'Toyboy'.

Band member Dan, who moved from his home in South Wales to London to join M.A.D, told BANG Showbiz: "It kind of scared me before I moved because I didn't know what was going to happen, but once we got Top 40 it was all worth it.

"Now when I to go out in Cardiff with my friends, my local town, I get bombarded by fans, it's unreal.

"I've enjoyed the attention from girls and every time I went home it got worse and worse. The first time there were five, then ten, now there are hundreds and I can't walk about or shop properly because so many people come up to me, but it's so much fun."

Dan, 17, was first discovered on Facebook by a music scout who watched videos of him singing and playing guitar, and the lads now have young girls follow them home from rehearsals.

He said: "Every morning before they go to school they're outside the apartment. I remember once I was in the lounge playing Fifa in my boxers and there was a fan waving at me I was like, 'Oh no'."

The band were once mistaken for boy band The Vamps in a McDonald's restaurant but say they're more of a cross between Busted and One Direction.

Dan added: "We met some of the bands from the Big Reunion in the recording studio and met 5ive. They gave us a lot of advice, telling us to enjoy it because the time flies.

"We're all very different people and have only known each other for half a year but it's all great fun and we're just like brothers now."

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