Morgan Freeman's King Kong terror

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 8 February 2014
Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman

The first movie Morgan Freeman saw in the cinema was 'King Kong' - and it terrified him

Morgan Freeman says 'King Kong' "scared the daylights" out of him when he first saw it.

The 76-year-old Oscar-winning actor moved from a rural area to the city when he was a boy and couldn't believe his eyes when he saw a movie for the first time, especially as it featured a gorilla as tall as a house.

He said: "The first movie I ever saw was 'King Kong'. It scared the daylights out of me. I was six and had dreams for a long time about that ape. I had moved from rural Mississippi to Chicago, where there were telephones, indoor plumbing, and - a foreign thing to me - movie theatres. I immediately fell in love. They were such magical places."

It wasn't just movies which Morgan fell in love with, but also the starts in them too.

He tole People magazine: "I was in love with a lot of actresses, but always had this big crush on Angela Lansbury. She was gorgeous in 'The Picture of Dorian Grey'. I loved everything about her. Years later I met her and told her. She said, 'Oh you're such a dear boy.' "

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