Louis Walsh to return to X Factor

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  • 7 February 2014
Louis Walsh

Louis Walsh

Louis Walsh to return to 'X Factor' judges panel alongside good pal Simon Cowell

Louis Walsh will return to the 'X Factor' since Simon Cowell couldn't do the show "without" him.

The 61-year-old star has been a judge on the singing contest since its inception in 2004 and although last summer he insisted he was going to step down it seems he's reconsidered his stance since show boss and good friend Simon is making a comeback to the UK version of the programme.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Simon took a while to confirm he was definitely coming back and now he's there he wants Louis by his side.

"They are old pals and he knows that he couldn't do it without Louis. Louis hits a certain audience and has been a constant on the panel -- he is someone that Simon trusts.

"He's his eyes and ears when Simon's not around which, for a control freak like Simon, is vitally important."

Simon is expected to have Cheryl Cole - who worked on the show between 2008 - 2011 - and Rita Ora on the judges panel too.

He previously said: "Cheryl and I patched up our differences a long time ago. I saw her recently, we speak a lot on the phone and text each other, and I think both of us would like the idea of working together again.

"She was a great judge. I mean, apart from being cute she's a great judge and she knows what she's talking about and, oh my God, she wears her heart on her sleeve!"

Before adding: "I met with Rita at my house recently and I was really, really impressed with her and you just know she's a future star."

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