Jade Jones' shocking drug revelations

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  • 6 February 2014
Jade Jones

Jade Jones

Damage singer Jade Jones is set to shock fans with explosive drug revelations about Damage's heyday on 'The Big Reunion' tonight (06.02.14)

Jade Jones thinks fans will be "shocked" by Damage's drug revelations on 'The Big Reunion'.

The clean-cut singer - who is engaged to Spice Girl Emma Bunton - has confessed he took ecstasy and smoked marijuana during his heyday with the R&B band, who are reuniting for the first time in 13 years as part of the ITV2 programme.

He admitted: "Maybe just being the youngest, I knew I was in safe hands if it ever got a bit out of hand. I do like a good drink. I like to party.

"We were known as clean-cut, really nice boys so I think everyone's going to be quite shocked.

"We were fortunate enough to keep everything under the carpet. What happened in the band has stayed between us."

The band are further set to shatter fans' expectations in the show's first episode by revealing they used to booze in the morning and live a "rock 'n' roll" lifestyle.

Andrez Harriott said: "You had riders, you'd be doing 9am TV shows and there's tables of wine."

Jade added: "It was totally sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. We'd go out and buy bottles of champagne, live like we're rich but in actuality we weren't."

Damage - also formed of Noel Simpson and Rahsaan J Bromfield, with fifth member Coree Richard declining to return - are also set to spill the beans on Jade's high profile relationship with Emma.

Rahsaan explained: "The press really came around then. Prior to that it was just about the music -- no controversy."

'The Big Reunion' returns tonight (06.02.14) at 9pm on ITV2.

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