Cinderella (Pavilion Theatre) (4 stars)

Cinderella (Pavilion Theatre)

The pitch Poor Cinders: Her life sucks — for one thing, her old boy has married the worst thing since C Difficile. Can she break away from her domestic bondage? Only with help from her friend Buttons and some heathen magic from her fairy godmother. Will she make it out of those rags and bag her man? Or will the competition from her munter step-sisters who shave twice a day prove too much?

The verdict Director Sheridan Nicol brings us a high quality panto with X-Factor finalist Nikitta Angus as Cinderella to wow us with her chart topping renditions. Fairy godmother Cat Harvey also brings plenty of vim and a full voice to the party. There’s plenty of slapstick for all and the kids love those innuendos (at what age will they actually get them?) With random circus acts performed by what looks like the world’s bendiest woman,there are moments where the narrative journey seems to stall; but it’s still fascinating to watch. A fluorescent pop-up story book setting, glitzy backdrops, dazzling laser sequences and flamboyant costumes; you’re sure to walk the 500 Miles of the song to reach this lavish production. (Joanne Randall)
Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow, until Sat 26 Jan


  • 4 stars

Lavish, glitzy family panto with fluorescent, pop-up sets, random acts of circus skills, dazzling laser sequences and corny innuendo. Oh, and 'Big Brother', er, hunk, Cameron Stout as Prince Charming.

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