Freeform Five


Name Freeform Five

Location London, UK

Occupation Producers, remixers, dance music moguls.

Sounds good, hit me with your info stick and beat me with the details Brought together through friendships formed at various educational institutions as well as clubs and parties, Freeform Five are, in fact, a four piece production outfit celebrated for their exhilarating brand of dance music which knits together a range of different music styles. Influences of hip hop, soul, disco, acid house and pop are all part of their effective electro-pop-house formula.

So, it’s a dance music band of sorts? Who’s the lead singer and where’s the crazy one with the maracas? There are actually three vocalists with main man Anu Pillai looking after the production as well as the numerous Freeform Five remixes he’s done for artists including The Futureheads, Pink and Justin Timberlake. Pillai appears to relish this cross genre remix challenge: ‘I’m very lucky that a lot of the mixes I get are because the band or the record company like what I do. If you’ve got a track and you just want a 4/4 kick played behind it, then I’m not the person to come to.’ However, it’s not always that easy, Pillai’s working of The Killers didn’t seem to float the boat of Flowers et al - ‘They wanted something off the wall and that’s what I gave them. Perhaps it was just too off the wall, but, hey, shit happens.’

Brendan Flowers? Who cares what he says, have you seen the guy’s facial hair? What’s on the cards for the 25th then?

Pillai’s DJ sets can vary depending on where he’s playing, but with Berlin’s intimate basement vibe perfectly suited for some sleazy electronic action, Freeform Five are sure to hit us for six regardless.

Freeform Five guest at Stereotype, Berlin, Edinburgh, Sat 25 Nov.

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