Prince: Fans sharing music is cool

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 5 February 2014


Prince admits he owns "bootleg" music, and while he agrees leaked music comprises on quality he doesn't mind having music uploaded onto the internet by fans if the intention is for sharing purposes

Prince says it's "cool" when fans share music.

The 'Purple Rain' hitmaker has scoffed at reports he filed a $22 million lawsuit against 22 internet users who allegedly posted recordings of his live performances online.

The 55-year-old musician insists he would never sue his own fans and is happy for them to share his songs as long as they are not doing so to make money.

Speaking at a press conference held at his friend Lianne La Havas' home to announce his upcoming London concerts on Tuesday (04.02.14), Prince told the BBC: "Nobody sues their fans. I have some bootlegs of Lianne but I wouldn't sell them. But fans sharing music with each other, that's cool ... But when you hear something [on bootleg] you're just hearing something that's not finished."

Prince - who is about to release a new album with his band 3RDEYEGIRL - also revealed he has a large number of unheard music in the vaults at his Paisley Park home and studio, and he owns the rights to old archive of recordings that he may release in future.

He said: "A song from 1985 might come out in 2021. I have a whole organisation who look after stuff."

Meanwhile, Prince surprised fans with a secret intimate gig in Camden, London, last night (04.02.14) to kick off his forthcoming 'Hit and Run' shows at "iconic venues" across the UK capital.

He appeared on stage shortly after 12.30am backed by 3RDEYEGIRL, comprised of guitarist Donna Grantis, bassist Ida Nielsen and drummer Hannah Ford Welton.


Rare UK tour from his purple majesty, with just himself, a piano and a microphone.

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