Peter Pan (3 stars)

This article is from 2007.

Peter Pan

The Pitch It’s not only posh kids from Bloomsbury who get to go flying with the boy who never grows old, now it’s regular kids from Glasgow who hear the tap on their fifth floor window and set off for an awfully big adventure. While the parents go to an Alice in Wonderland fancy dress party, Wendy (Helen Mallon) and Michael (David Rennie-Fitzgerald) float off to find stories of their own in Neverland with an American-accented Peter Pan (Robbie Towns). There is adventure at every turn, but the crocodile’s clock is ticking and time is against them.

The verdict What it lacks in romance and philosophical depth, Jeremy Raison’s production makes up for in fast-paced action and colourful stage-effects. Wendy commands our respect while Peter dazzles with his athleticism, even when he’s not using hidden ropes to defy gravity. From the lovable Nana to the swashbuckling pirates, the young audience has plenty to get excited about. (Mark Fisher)
Citizens’ Theatre, Glasgow, until Jan

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