Sleeping Beauty (King's Theatre, Glasgow) (5 stars)

Sleeping Beauty (King's Theatre, Glasgow)

The pitch It’s time for Princess Beauty to put away childish things, say goodbye to her childhood friend Chester the Jester (aaawwww!) and get ready for some right royal action. Carrion the witch and Norval her son (or is he?) have other ideas, however, and a single prick from a souvenir spinning wheel innocently given by the handsome prince is all it takes to set off 100 years of snoozing (AKA the interval).

The verdict Tony Cownie’s production of a joke-tastic script by Bob Black is crammed with comedy acting talent. Not only do we get old favourite Gerard Hiya pals! Kelly as the master of mayhem, but also a brilliant Karen Dunbar, warbling and wisecracking her way through the show as Nanny Begood, plus an unrecognisable Dawn Steele as the wicked witch and Gavin Mitchell as her gormless son. Loads of other great turns in a show completely free of cynicism, delighting in the joy of corny gags, venerable panto traditions and stupid singalongs. (Mark Fisher)
King’s Theatre, Glasgow, until Sat 12 Jan

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