Eeting Beauty (4 stars)

Eeting Beauty

The pitch In the self-referential world of the Pantosphere, baby Bess is the daughter and niece of a celebrated Ugly Sisters double act, while her mother has been asleep for 100 years. Set to suffer the same fate on her own 18th birthday, she is cursed with a worse torment: the prospect of 100 years of non-stop eating. It’s down to the handsome prince to save her with his knowledge of healthy diets: if only he hadn’t fallen in love with her pet pig.

The verdict Another highly enjoyable romp from Gordon Dougall and Fletcher Mathers, twisting a traditional tale in new and unexpected ways without neglecting the old-fashioned sing-alongs, sweet throwing and soppy happy ending. Tremendous performances from an ungrammatical Barrie Hunter as the baddie, a down-to-earth Myra McFadyen as the fairy, a self-centred Katrina Bryan as Bess, an operatic Mark Prendergast as the prince and an ebullient Leah MacRae as the pig. (Mark Fisher)
Tron Theatre, Glasgow, until Sun 6 Jan

Eeting Beauty: What Happens When the Spell Goes Wrong

  • 4 stars

National treasure Myra MacFadden presides over the Tron's annual cheeky rewrite of a classic, in which Princess Bess is cursed by an evil uncle to spend 100 years munching. Help is at hand from an operatic Prince Charming with an interest in healthy eating. Tremendous performances make for a highly enjoyable romp.

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