William Roache jurors told to put emotions aside

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  • 3 February 2014
William Roache arriving at court

William Roache

Jurors in the trial of William Roache have been instructed to put emotions aside and make a "cool-headed appraisal" as they reach their verdict

Jurors in William Roache's ongoing trial have been instructed to put emotions aside as they reach their verdict.

Mr. Justice Timothy Holroyde, who is presiding over the trial at Preston Crown Court, has begun his summary of the court case, in which the 'Coronation Street' star stands accused of two rapes and four sexual assaults against girls under the age of 16 between 1965 and 1971.

Speaking in court today (03.02.14), the judge called for a "cool-headed appraisal" of the evidence given in the trial, which includes the testimonies of five women who have accused the 81-year-old actor.

Judge Holroyde said: "Emotions must play no part in your decisions. It would only distract from your solemn duty in accordance with the oath or affirmation you made at the start of the trial to return true verdicts according to the evidence.

"What is needed is a cool-headed appraisal of the evidence you have heard. So concentrate on those aspects of the evidence which you think are important to your verdict."

William was accused of assaulting the women in the dressing rooms and toilets of Granada Studios in Manchester, where 'Coronation Street' was once filmed, and in his car. One alleged victim claimed she was raped twice at his homes in Lancashire.

The actor - who has played 'Corrie's' Ken Barlow since 1960 - strenuously denies all charges against him.

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