Jim Davidson blasts Bruce Forsyth

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  • 2 February 2014
Jim Davidson

Jim Davidson

'Celebrity Big Brother' winner Jim Davidson has blasted fellow veteran Sir Bruce Forsyth, saying he is "hanging on" and "needs ironing" before he appears on TV

Jim Davidson says Sir Bruce Forsyth "needs ironing" before he appears on TV.

The comedian has mocked his fellow veteran entertainer by suggesting he needs to retire, saying he is "hanging on" to his career despite getting older.

He told the Sunday People newspaper: "You don't want me on [Saturday night TV] not. You don't really want Bruce. He's hanging on really. No-one really wants Bruce on there, do they?

"But they have him there so they can say, 'How dare you say we're ageist?' But look at Bruce - he needs ironing before the show."

The 'Celebrity Big Brother' champion's comments won't endear himself to the entire nation, but he doesn't mind - and has insisted his win on the reality show won't make people think of him any differently.

Speaking to the Daily Star Sunday newspaper, he said: "They way I'm talked about on TV won't change. People will always write what they want and say what they want.

"You can't please everybody all of the time. But I don't really care about them. I've never met the people who think I'm horrible."

Jim Davidson

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More controversial stand-up from the x-rated comic and inexplicable winner of 2014's CBB.

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1. Matt Bewers8 Feb 2014, 12:37pm Report

Brucey will keep going till he drops. He's witty and funny and even though this makes him look more silly as time has gone on, still makes for great TV. I'd be interested to know Brucey's opinion of Davidson and the "younger generation"!!

2. alan pownall9 Feb 2014, 12:59am Report

bruce has stood the test of time .. who are you ?

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