BGT duo Jonathan and Charlotte split

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  • 1 February 2014
Jonathan Antoine and Charlotte Jaconelli

Jonathan and Charlotte

'Britain's Got Talent' stars Jonathan Antoine and Charlotte Jaconelli have called time on their musical partnership, and it is said the cause of their split is creative differences

'Britain's Got Talent' duo Jonathan and Charlotte have split up.

The classical crossover pair - who were runners-up on the TV talent show in 2012 - have called time on their musical partnership with both planning to release solo albums in the near future.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "They just weren't on the same page creatively any more.

"Their last album featured some solo songs and they decided that's what they wanted to do."

The duo - whole full names are Jonathan Antoine and Charlotte Jaconelli - have been close friends for a long time, but last year Jonathan revealed he had deliberately cut himself when he was younger.

His musical partner had no idea about his depression when he was dumped by a girlfriend who self-harmed.

He previously revealed: "She was all I thought about. She moved to another school and then later moved out of the area. I got a phone call from her saying we were over.

"That was it. She hated me. It all ended in a phone call. I lost it. I told mum and then went upstairs.

"I removed a blade from a sharpener and cut up my torso ... My mum walked in and just went into a meltdown."


1. Sue Tiffin2 Feb 2014, 12:50am Report

Why oh why do the press always insist on raking up old news! Which is not only irrelevant to your main story but also incredibly hurtful to a wonderful and very talented young man, who has moved on from that particular time in his life. So instead of inappropriate old news try looking at his latest performances, including a charity concert for a totally amazing cause with Russell Watson! The observant amongst you might actually notice how out of date your photo is!

2. Sally Adams2 Feb 2014, 1:01am Report

I saw this article and the first thing I thought was why do these people use out of date photos of these two young people. If you followed them you would know they have both lost weight,Jonathan an incredible amount.
When reading this post I couldn't help feeling upset about how your report went off of the main topic and onto very old news which is totally irrelevant to the news that Jonathan Antione and Charlotte Jaconellie have desided to end their partnership. I would have liked to have read a proper article about this news not about anything else. Please in future write a report about the main article not yesterday's or should I say last years news!!!

3. Loretta Goodwin2 Feb 2014, 1:51am Report

I am in agreement with the first 2 posts. I was confused as to what the journalist was trying to say and why he seemed to be playing politics in his article.

4. Joan Allison3 Feb 2014, 4:12am Report

When partners divide, sometimes outside persons express concerns that are not appropriate. Let each find him or her self in a solo venue experience in addition to the duo one. Perhaps now each will find a niche and be fulfilled. Look to the future and miminize the past. We can do nothing about those events now. Today is in our control; not yesterday. Be a people booster not basher. Encourage and support them in their new endeavors whether they are a duo or solo. Talent deserves applause. Give them space to grow and develop. Best wishes on your journeys. jaa

5. Sonya1 Feb 2014, 11:48pm Report I think that the article is bring up old news , and a picture that is nearly 2 years old, Jonathan performed with Russell Watson , for the Katy Holmes Trust in Preston and was magnificent.

6. Joan Allison2 Apr 2014, 3:01am Report

Each one's success as a solo performer has attested to talent honed to be sharper and more in control. Each one has experienced a higher level in performance and showmanship. Let us applaude their efforts collectively and individually. Bravo!! jaa

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