EastEnders' Masood going 'off the rails'

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  • 31 January 2014
Masood Ahmed

Masood Ahmed

'EastEnders' character Masood Ahmed will "go off the rails" next week as he is mugged outside the Minute Mart

'EastEnders' character Masood Ahmed will "go off the rails" next week.

The beloved Walford resident will hit a new low when he finds himself in a drunken stupor and is mugged outside the Minute Mart.

Viewers have witnessed Masood struggle to deal with his split from Carol Jackson (Lindsey Coulson) in recent weeks, resulting in him drinking and gambling.

Actor Nitin Ganatra said: "Masood is going off the rails. The drinking, the gambling - it's heavy stuff. We have no idea what Masood was like before he got married, but like most young men, he was out partying.

"My thinking about these situations is that people revert to who they were. I think that's what Masood is doing."

After buying a bottle of whisky from the Minute Mart next week, a drunken Masood is targeted by some teen hooligans who rob of him of his cash.

Nitin told Inside Soap magazine: "He's drunk and has the cash in his hands as he walk past some kids. They grab it and push him over, and he ends up in the gutter."

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