Letters to eBay - book review (2 stars)

Letters to eBay

Art Farkas

Subtitled ‘antics of a virtual prankster’, Letters to eBay is a prime example of a man with way too much time on his hands and ‘obsessive-compulsive tendencies’. A school teacher by day and internet time waster Art Farkas by night, the author scours eBay looking for strange and even straight-down-the-line boringly average auctions, then fires off a barrage of bizarre and off the wall questions, inventing mini-soap operas of unlikely family set-ups or strange jobs that may or may not require the item in question. Basically, this is an internet-friendly version of The Timewaster Letters.

The problem is that most of the responses are measured and polite and no one really rises to the bait. And pretending to misread the word ‘Satin’ for ‘Satan’ or ‘Message’ for ‘Massage’ makes for pretty weak comedy. After reading ten entries you might as well have read them all, and if you make it into double figures you’ll quickly hit a wall of boredom. This is fairly amusing in small doses but overall repetitive and dull. (Henry Northmore)

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