Casey Batchelor's mum slams 'insecure' Lee Ryan

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  • 28 January 2014
Casey Batchelor

Casey Batchelor

Casey Batchelor's mum has slammed her 'Celebrity Big Brother' paramour Lee Ryan, branding him "insecure"

Casey Batchelor's mother thinks Lee Ryan is "frustrated, needy and insecure".

Kim Batchelor, 55, thinks the Blue singer - who has been getting close to both her daughter and evicted housemate Jasmine Waltz during his time on 'Celebrity Big Brother' - has "let himself down" with his womanising ways and thinks he'll struggle to find romance when he leaves the house.

She told new! magazine: "[Lee is] frustrated, needy, insecure and a very childish player. He's like a little boy. He needs attention all the time.

"It's disgusting the way he's treated Casey. He's let himself down. Now the world knows he's a player. How could he ever get a serious girlfriend now?"

Kim thinks her daughter will regret the romance she shared in the house with the singer when she leaves and doesn't think they'll ever make it as a couple in the real world.

However, she admits they must be in an intense environment during their time on the programme.

Quizzed on whether she thinks Casey has real feelings for Lee, Kim said: "Maybe in the house, but not in the outside world. You're spending 24/7 together in a small environment. It must be so emotional in there.

"It [the romance] was because she'd had a drink. She'll probably look back on this and go, 'Oh my God, I forgot where I was.'

"Casey isn't a player and she doesn't suffer fools easily, trust me. When she watches all this back, she's going to think, 'Oh my God!' She's just let her emotions run away with her, stupidly."


Still cashing in on the success of The Big Reunion, the boy band hop off on tour to promote their latest album.

Lee Ryan

The former Blue frontman performs acoustic pop and soul.

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