Jason Dohring has dream role in Veronica Mars movie

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  • 28 January 2014
Jason Dohring

Jason Dohring

Jason Dohring says his character in the 'Veronica Mars' movie is a "dream role" and is excited to explore the "depths" of his alter-ego

Jason Dohring says his character in the 'Veronica Mars' movie is a "dream role".

The 31-year-old actor will reprise the role of Logan in the forthcoming mystery drama which is based on the TV series of the same name.

Dohring is delighted that his character lets him explore different "depths" in acting, with "comedy" balancing out some of the more serious story lines like the relationship between him and his father.

He explained to focusfilm.co.uk: "The character is written with such depth and great jackassery. From his comedy to sarcasm, its all present. Then you have his relationship with his father that is very strained and bitter. The relationship with some of the most touching scenes that I've gotten to do, is with Veronica's character. So I think it was just a dream role really, just coming out of acting school you're like 'please just give me a character to explore that isn't in a commercial!"

The film begins nine years on from where season three ended and

although Dohring insists aspects of his alter-ego have changed he still has the wit of the character fans are familiar with.

The hunk added: "He was able to find some discipline in his life, but even so he's still going to be himself. He still has a lot of witty dialogue, and Rob always writes these great one-liners which I'm ashamed to take all the credit for. I wish I did have wit!"

Veronica Mars

  • 3 stars
  • 2014
  • US
  • 1h 47min
  • 12A
  • Directed by: Rob Thomas
  • Cast: Kristen Bell, James Franco, Gaby Hoffmann
  • UK release: 14 March 2014

In this Kickstarter-funded spin-off of the TV series, Veronica (Bell) is a budding lawyer who returns to her hometown to solve one more mystery. Bell inhabits the title role with aplomb, the writing is characteristically sassy and although it seems very much one for the fans, they won't be disappointed.

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