Davina McCall is 'annoyingly grateful' people want to know her

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  • 26 January 2014
Davina McCall

Davina McCall

'The Jump' host Davina McCall has admitted she likes being famous because everyone thinks they know her, and she is "annoyingly grateful" because her fans have kept her career going

Davina McCall likes being famous because everybody feels like they know her.

'The Jump' host accepted being a celebrity has its positives and negatives, but admitted she "wouldn't have a job" if people didn't want to speak to her in public.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror newspaper's Notebook magazine, she said: "The best [thing about being famous] is everybody feels as if they know me.

"I'm annoyingly grateful because I realise if people didn't talk to me in Tesco, I wouldn't have a job."

However, Davina insisted "protecting" her marriage and the "privacy" of her children is one of the difficulties she has with life in the spotlight.

She added: "The bad thing is trying to guard my children's privacy. And protecting my marriage, trying not to let Matthew [Robertson] think I'm too powerful. So at home, I am not like that. We are just a team."

While the former 'Big Brother' presenter doesn't like reading things about herself online, she admitted her "children have done it" and told her it was "all about" her bum.

She said: "I try not to Google myself. My children have done it and they just say, 'Mummy, it's all about your bottom!' "

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