Interview: DJ/producer Appleblim on fellow artists Shackleton and Beneath

Interview: DJ/producer Appleblim on fellow artists Shackleton and Beneath

All three will appear at the freshly refurbed Art School's dubstep & funky night

Expect a triple bill of pioneering dubstep courtesy of a pair of the genre’s early experimenters and a brand new face at this high-value triple bill, with Skull Disco founder Sam Shackleton, his long-time collaborator Appleblim (Laurie Osborne) and newcomer Beneath (Ben Walker), whose sound explores the lost realms of UK funky in fresh new ways. ‘We met through a mutual friend who I worked with in a record shop in Camden,’ recalls Osborne of his introduction to the publicity-shy Shackleton, who’s playing a full live set here, ‘and bonded over Crass, The Fall, Steve Coogan and the club FWD>>, which was starting to showcase what would later be called dubstep.’

Asked what we can expect from his own set here, the Apple Pips label boss says ‘a lot of new music from myself and my circle of producers in Bristol, and also a lot of the music I'm buzzing off at the moment, whether that’s experimental drone stuff, faster jungle, bonkers Dutch techno or the myriad bass house stylings around at the moment. We’re just gonna have fun and jam, basically.' Both he and Shackleton are big fans of Beneath’s style. ‘I really like his bass and rhythmic energy, it’s different to a lot of music of that tempo these days,’ he says. ‘It seems familiar yet it’s twisted into new shapes.’

The Art School, Glasgow, Fri 7 Feb.


Electronic music from the Skull disco co-founder.

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