Crate digging: Paul Maslin from Edinburgh underground acid night Din Sync

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  • 29 January 2014
Crate digging: Paul Maslin from Edinburgh underground acid night Din Sync

Tracks from DJ Pierre, TNT, Gesloten Cirkel and Funkineven & Delroy Edwards

The Edinburgh DJ and hardware freak pulls out some records you’re likely to hear him play alongside fellow 12’’ spinner and analogue slave, King Rib, at Din Sync, which had its launch night last August

DJ Pierre – 'Box Energy'

DJ Pierre, a founding member of Chicago Acid pioneers Phuture who were responsible for the seminal 'Acid Tracks'. This one is also a straight up and down classic. Way ahead in 1988, it just gets fresher with age, cuts through the crowd every time with its clattering Roland TR-808 devastation and mind-manipulating cascades of resonant TB-303.

TNT – 'Analogue Acid Project'

A Todd 'n' Tadd, aka Soundmurderer and Charles Manier (aka Dabrye, James T. Cotton) heavy 3-tracker. There's a track on here that swings harder than The After Eight Club at full capacity, with a killer monosynth line mercilessly jammed out solely for the purpose of dancefloor destruction. TNT’s Analogue Acid Project 2 is well worth searching out as well.

Gesloten Cirkel – ‘Hole’

There's more to life than acid. This is a total beast, both sides, and one of my favourites from 2013. Released on one of the most uncompromising labels in recent times, Berceuse Heroique. Huge slabs of no nonsense body music, seamlessly merging and transcending basement electro / techno. A bona fide wall shaker, serious damage.

Funkineven & Delroy Edwards – ‘Untitled’

Another of last year's highlights. Modern, stripped down, g-force acid workouts, delivered in the most classic way, proving that the combination of drum machine and monosynth can still be worked to deliver deliriously effective results. The pairing of Funkineven's highly justified rim shot fetish with Delroy's 'strictly for the club' ethic is the perfect marriage in creating straight bangers like these. Fingers crossed they will meet again soon.

Paul Maslin – ‘Mcmlxxx’

A one off 12" pressing of mine so I could play it out. Made using the 808 and a Sequential Circuits Pro One synth. The Pro One has some great modulation options and once you've got something you like in its sequencer, you can take yourself through some pretty powerful sonic shifts which is exactly what this track is all about. It creeps up on you and floods the room with massive waves of sound.

Paul Maslin's Soundcloud

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Din Sync

Raving, possibly with the help of acid house, from Paul Maslin and King Rib.

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