Celebrity Big Brother fixed for Sam victory?

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  • 24 January 2014
Sam Faiers

Sam Faiers

'Celebrity Big Brother' has been accused of fixing the show in order for Sam Faiers to win, according to former housemate Liz Jones

'Celebrity Big Brother' has been accused of fixing the show for Sam Faiers to win.

'The Only Way is Essex' babe has been painted in a positive light on the latest series of the Channel 5 reality show, with producers not screening her more salacious moments in a bid to boost her chances of winning, according to former housemate Liz Jones.

The journalist - who was evicted from the famous house on Wednesday (22.01.14) - claims Sam, 23, has attempted "play the game" but none of it has been aired on TV.

She told the Daily Star newspaper: "Sam has tried to do things for the cameras. She showered with the door open in a bikini. Why would you do that? But it seems they didn't show her in the shower."

Liz, 55, also believes Sam is avoiding confrontation with her housemates - who have all hit the headlines for their feuds and raunchy behaviour - in order to stay on the public's good side.

She added: "Her and Ollie [Locke]'s careers are reality TV and doing personal appearances so they need people to like them. I'd love to see her really explode and lose her rag, but she is very controlled."

Meanwhile, a source claimed: "It's a fact that good people win. Anyone who misbehaved, caused outrage or trouble never gets crowned the champ. The quiet ones who slip under the radar at the beginning and do not offend anyone always go far.

"The bosses want people to see Sam in a good light, not like Jasmine [Waltz]. They don't want her to be labelled the same as those other girls so it's better to promote a more wholesome image."

'CBB' bosses are expected to surprise Sam with a visit from her sister Billie Faiers this weekend to present a special task.

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