Toby Paterson: Soft Boundary

Toby Paterson: Soft Boundary

Work by Glasgow-based artist exploring city landmarks including Red Road flats

Originally intended to be a simple series of paintings, albeit created on aluminium sheeting, Soft Boundary has taken on a new life for Glasgow-based artist Toby Paterson. ‘From gathering experiences and photographic documentation of the latest series of – subjectively speaking – fascinating landmarks to disappear in Glasgow, I became increasingly obsessed with a site on the outskirts of the fast-vanishing Red Road scheme,' he says. ‘I had a notion of lots of seemingly disparate threads within my work coming together here, and it’s grown to be the focal point of the show.’

This is the opposite of his usual practice. On this occasion he will use different media to explore a very specific space rather than the wider context of a town or a city. ‘It will consist of new paintings and screenprints on aluminium, works on paper and board and an aluminium relief,’ he says. ‘The overarching ambition is to tease out the complexity of a specific place, the visual experience it might provoke and maybe some of the forces that have caused it to be what it is. It's an attempt to be wildly specific, suggesting the universal richness inherent in all built environments.’

He describes a large acrylic painting on aluminium entitled ‘The Red Tavern’ as the ‘key’ to the show: a series of views of the pub at the heart of the site, which offers a variety of perspectives at once. ‘It's accurate yet unreliable, and I hope it's compelling enough an image to anchor the exhibition and its intentions,’ he says. ‘There's less of an attempt to bombard or overwhelm the viewer and more of a commitment to letting the gallery itself do some of the work in presenting a couple of key images sourced from the other side of its window that will hopefully linger when one returns to the world outside.’

Modern Institute, Glasgow, Sat 25 Jan–Sat 22 Feb

Toby Paterson: Soft Boundary

New work from the Glasgow-based artist, incorporating painting, printmaking and sculptural intervention.

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