Thomson & Craighead: Maps, DNA and Spam

Thomson & Craighead: Maps, DNA and Spam

credit: Courtesy Carroll/Fletcher, London

Largest Scottish solo show to date from artist duo explores social media

Jon Thomson and Alison Craighead return to the city in which they met and trained in the early 1990s for what will be their largest solo show held in Scotland to date. 'Maps, DNA and Spam' looks at global internet culture to explore human identity in a digital world, creating what Grayson Perry described last year as ‘thought-provoking, lyrical, often hilarious interventions with the kind of flow of information that is pouring around the web’. Their show at Dundee Contemporary Arts, which marks 20 years of collaborating for the pair, includes both old and new installations. Previous work including 'The Time Machine in Alphabetical Order,' 'Belief', 'Six Years of Mondays' and 'A Short Film about War' will sit alongside new work including 'Dundee Wall', a site-specific installation that is a spin on their earlier work, 'London Wall'. For this they have looked at status updates that people within a few miles of Dundee have posted on social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook. They have then turned them into posters, pasting them across the gallery space in chronological order to create a physical, visual manifestation of the local digital world.

Dundee Contemporary Arts, until Sun 16 Mar

Thomson & Craighead: MAPS DNA and Spam

A major overview of the installation and video work of Jon Thomson and Alison Craighead, including new work such as Dundee Wall, which samples Facebook updates and tweets from people in Dundee and reproduces them as printed slogans.

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