Ellsworth Kelly: Twelve Colour Prints From the Artist’s Collection (4 stars)

Ellsworth Kelly: Twelve Colour Prints From the Artist’s Collection

credit: © Ellsworth Kelly

Series of 12 prints covering 40 years of output by artist

Ingleby Gallery’s current exhibition showcases a series of 12 prints by Ellsworth Kelly, selected by the artist and taken from his own collection. The works span a period of 40 years; the earliest, a rectangular block filled with horizontal lines of blue, green, black and red, was made in 1971, and the latest, ‘Two Curves,’ was printed by Kelly in 2011.

The show displays the artist’s faithful dedication to his subject. Despite the extensive period this exhibition covers, there is little disparity: only slight aberrations of form define pieces produced many years apart. Wrapped around the Ingleby’s upper gallery space, the prints appear like a vibrant, musical score with each lithograph reverberating with intense colour and a playful handling of shape.

Observed together, the prints appear whimsical, establishing a playful rhythm across the walls. Viewed individually, the shapes hover on white spaces, establishing tensions and compositions more carefully constructed than they initially seemed. The artist’s shaped canvases, which question the demarcation between painting and sculpture, are particularly resonant in the show. Like these works, the prints' forms and their grounds enter into complex relationships, establishing unexpected and captivating depths from flat, uniform pools of colour.

Ingleby Gallery, until Sat 22 Feb

Ellsworth Kelly

Prints from the veteran colour field artist, one of the giants of postwar American art.

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