Lionel Blair doesn't regret raunchy CBB

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  • 19 January 2014
Lionel Blair

Lionel Blair

Former 'Celebrity Big Brother' star Lionel Blair - who was evicted on Friday (17.01.14) has no regrets over his raunchy behaviour in the house

Lionel Blair has no regrets over his x-rated behaviour on 'Celebrity Big Brother'

The 82-year-old veteran dancer was kicked off the reality show on Friday (17.01.14) but he said he hopes his risque attitude encourages the elderly to follow his example.

Speaking to the Daily Star Sunday, he explained: "It's about time people realised pensioners can be rude too. And we swear.

"People my age should just enjoy themselves. Getting older happens to everybody but you don't have to act older."

Lionel's appearance in the house resulted in some x-rated and foul-mouthed moment, including one racy challenge which saw him mimicking sex acts and wearing a raunchy outfit.

He said: "I just went for it. Putting on the outfit was hysterical. Big Brother told us told us there should be no holds barred and to really go for it. And we did ... It was very, very rude.

"Just because I'm 82 didn't mean I wasn't going to take part. In fact, I invented some of the moves. I choreographed the scenes.

"When I do a stage show I do what the director tells me to do. And in there, Big Brother was my director. I didn't want to be the old boy in the corner. I wanted to be like everybody else."

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