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  • 11 November 2006


The best books, comics and events

Don Paterson Alongside Jo Shapcott, the Dundee-born poet extraordinaire will be musing over the enduring love people have for German verse genius Rainer Maria Rilke. Recently, Paterson published his own take on Orpheus, Rilke’s masterful ode to love and loss. Scottish Poetry Library, Edinburgh, Wed 22 Nov.

Ian Rankin For the final event in the Bridge Readings series, the man behind Inspector Rebus will no doubt field the usual interest in the shelf life of his core creation and what lies in store for him as a writer. Augustine’s, Edinburgh, Thu 23 Nov. Read review

Johnson Beharry With his memoir, Barefoot Soldier, the Grenada-born British fighter recalls how his bravery in Iraq saved some of his colleagues and resulted in the award of a VC for his efforts. He is the youngest living recipient of the honour. Theatre Royal, Glasgow, Fri 24 Nov.

Mark Kurlansky War: what is it good for? Very little, as this New York-based writer concludes. Jonathan Cape. Read interview

Angus Dunn Pitching the mysterious smalltown worlds created by the likes of Du Maurier and Lynch into the Black Isle, Dunn brings us Writing in the Sand, a scary debut tale about shape-shifters and parallel universes. Luath. Read review

Patrick McCabe Another writer who revels in the dark side is this Irish sage whose latest, Winterwood, features a homecoming going horribly, spookily awry. Bloomsbury. Read review

Geoff Johns & Phil Jimenez The earth-moving Infinite Crisis brings all your favourite DC superheroes together to, quite literally, save the world. One for the obsessed die-hards out there. DC. Read review

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