Peter Capaldi 'great' in The Musketeers

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  • 18 January 2014
Peter Capaldi

Peter Capaldi

'The Musketeers' actor Howard Charles has praised his co-star Peter Capaldi and insists the current 'Doctor Who' lead makes it "easy" to suspend disbelief in the new BBC drama

Peter Capaldi made it "easy" to suspend disbelief for 'The Musketeers', says Howard Charles.

The actor - who appears alongside the 'Doctor Who' lead in the new BBC drama - joked he was "selfish" before praising his fellow star for adding to the quality of the series.

He said: "It was alright. I think he's pretty selfish actually. No, it was great.

"Peter Capaldi, it was a testament to the costume designers and the set designers too, as well as the ensemble, you get a lot for free when the set is the way it is and the costumes are the way they are and when the actors and the cast are cast because it's very easy for us to suspend our disbelief and therefore it improves the chances that you'll be able to suspend yours."

Howard insisted being surrounded by actors as talented as Peter meant the whole piece came together well and in a very believable manner.

He added: "As soon as he came and the costumes were on, makeup was on, you're in the work and of course working with someone like Peter, Luke [Pasqualino], Santiago [Cabrera] and Tom [Burke], it doesn't matter - it's very easy to tell the truth."

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