Jim Davidson wreaks revenge on Lionel and Luisa

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  • 15 January 2014
Jim Davidson (c) Channel 5

Jim Davidson (c) Channel 5

Jim Davidson got his own back on Lionel Blair and Luisa Zissman by sending them to the "most annoying room in the world" on last night's (14.01.14) 'Celebrity Big Brother' in a new democracy task

Jim Davidson got his own back on Lionel Blair and Luisa Zissman by sending them to the "most annoying room in the world" on 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

The 60-year-old comedian was disappointed when the 82-year-old star nominated him for eviction earlier this week and has grown increasingly frustrated with former 'Apprentice' star Luisa for keeping him awake at night - but he took his opportunity to get revenge on the pair in a new democracy task last night (14.01.14).

As part of the group's latest attempt to win a luxury shopping budget the housemates were asked to vote on several categories, but unbeknown to them Jim's vote was the only one that counted and he caused chaos by putting Lee Ryan up for eviction and opting for housemates to give up all their beauty products.

He also voted Linda Nolan - who he has clashed with on several occasion throughout the series - as the most boring housemate, meaning she had to stand in front of a mirror for an hour-and-a-half covered in paint, meaning she was effectively watching paint dry as a "punishment" for being so dull.

In the final vote of the night Big Brother asked the housemates to choose the two most annoying housemates, so Jim selected Lionel and Luisa. They then had to spend the night in the "most annoying room in the world".

The chamber featured a wall of ticking alarm clocks, tables and chairs without enough legs and a locked cage containing luxury chocolates and champagne.

Brunette beauty Luisa managed to climb over the cage and retrieve the items, despite several warnings from Big Brother while she was scaling the structure, and they gorged on the treats.

But their delight was short-lived when some of the alarm clocks began going off as they got ready to go to sleep in their extremely uncomfortable-looking person-shaped beds.

Lionel lay in his bed trying to ignore the irritating sound and at one point even claimed he couldn't hear anything while Luisa set about trying to turn off the alarms.

The phone then started ringing repeatedly and Lionel answered, despite initially ignoring the sound. A voice could be heard asking for "Mildred" and there was a long pause as the frustrated entertainer weighed up what to do before replying: "Go f**k yourself."

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