Jim Davidson bothered by Lionel Blair nomination

Jim Davidson has been put up for 'Celebrity Big Brother' after receiving seven nominations, and is annoyed that his friend Lionel Blair nominated him


This article is from 2014.

Jim Davidson

Jim Davidson

Jim Davidson is annoyed with Lionel Blair for nominating him on 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

The 60-year-old star received seven nods from his fellow housemates during face-to-face nominations resulting in him being up for eviction from the house alongside Liz Jones, Luisa Zissman and Jasmine Waltz - but his friend Lionel's nomination was the only one which bothered him.

He told Casey Batchelor: "One nomination f**ked me off, just one, that was Lionel. I knew, I could've picked. He would have nominated me from the moment he walked down those stairs [on launch night].

"I knew him for 38 years and as he said, he made me a star, but you'll have to ask him about that because my recollection is different."

While Jim has been friends with Lionel for years, they don't share personal details about one another's life and he claims the British actor probably can't even name his wife, Michelle Cotton, who he married in 2010.

Jim added: "Lionel and I are mates. We get on alright. Before here, I must have seen Lionel 12 years ago, so we're that sort of mates ... He doesn't know my wife's name, or whatever.

"But Lionel was always like that. You know exactly what you're going to get. There's the tin - 'Lionel Blair' - open it and out he comes. Fabulous. Very quick-tempered, extremely camp, especially when in a temper. Very showbiz - loves showbusiness."

This article is from 2014.

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