Paula Lane: I ripped Michelle's hair out

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  • 13 January 2014
Paula Lane

Paula Lane

'Coronation Street' actress Paula Lane admits she accidentally tore out a handful of co-star Michelle Keegan's hair during an on-screen brawl

'Coronation Street' star Paula Lane accidentally tore out some of co-star Michelle Keegan's hair during an on-screen cat fight.

The actress, who plays troubled young mum Kylie Platt in the ITV1 soap, grabbed barmaid Tina McIntyre, played by Michelle, by the hair in a shocking scene last year and admits she ended up with a handful of her locks.

Paula said: "Michelle is great. She's a normal girl - you can literally rip her hair out and she's not precious about it.

" I am the villain of the street at the minute and I did rip her hair out. I had a handful of Michelle's hair - I could put it on eBay!"

Paula, 27, said the TV beauty didn't seem shocked after she was too rough and it actually made the scene more intense.

She said: "She didn't scream when I did it, I think the adrenalin was just pumping.

"Obviously when I was with Katherine Kelly, who played my sister Becky, we had a lot of fights, so it's just the norm for me now."

Although Paula doesn't hold back in a soap brawl, she insists she's just a softie at heart and would rather be cuddling and fussing over her screen baby, Lily.

The brunette star said: "The twins who play Lily are lovely.

"It has to be written into my contract that I have to have a cuddle with them every time they're on set.

"Sometimes somebody else is holding her instead of me and I'm like, 'Come on, I want her back!"

But Paula, who is engaged to actor Tom Shaw, says playing a mum-of-two hasn't made her broody in real life because she's not ready to have children.

She explained: "I've always loved babies and children, but at the minute, with my workload, there are definitely no babies on the horizon for me.

"I'm just planning the wedding and enjoying it for myself. It's not work-related - it's all about me. It's going to be a very personal affair."

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