JB Gill releasing new single

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 11 January 2014


Former JLS singer JB Gill is planning to release house track 'Best Night Of My Life' in collaboration with DJ Charlie Hedges as he looks to launch a solo career now the boy band have split up

JB Gill is planning to release his first single.

The former JLS star is set to be the first member of the group to launch a solo career as he teams with house music DJ Charlie Hedges for an electro song called 'Best Night Of My Life'.

He told The Sun newspaper: "Charlie approached me last year saying she had an idea for a house track and wanted a commercial spin of it.

"I said I'd love to write that for her - I recorded the vocals. It's totally different from what I've done before musically."

It may mean his plans for a reality show based on a deer farm is on hold as he continues to focus on music.

The singer - who has recently set up the farm in Scotland - has admitted he would love to appear on TV with his girlfriend Chloe Tangney.

He previously said: "I might have a Katie and Peter-style reality TV series.

"It would have to be right for me. My aim is to set the farm up as a business, and everything after that has to be right for myself, my girlfriend and my family."

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