The Openended Group: Moves

The Openended Group: Moves

CCA, Glasgow, until Sat 12 Jan


In response to the CCA’s ethos of promoting electronic and digital work, the OpenEnded Group exhibits a series of ‘moving image’ works exploring the relationship between choreography, space and technology – a now very familiar triumvirate in contemporary art practice.

The New York-based group comprises Marc Downie, Shelly Eshkar and Paul Kaiser, three prolific artists who have created a large and widely exhibited body of work since their inauguration six years ago. The artists have received recent commissions from the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts, the City of York, the Merce Cunningham Foundation and the Bill T Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company, a list that describes the main influences and concerns of the group, namely the city, and the body as subject moving within the urban environment.

As a mini-retrospective, the exhibition will include the film installations ‘Pedestrian’, ‘Forest’ and ‘Point A–B’, the latter film opening and being shown simultaneously at the Jerwood Space, London. As a Capture Dance on Screen commission, ‘Point A–B’ treats the movements generated by parkour participants as the line of an argument, a dance over the fabric of a city, recorded, digitally manipulated and projected at two parallel screens. The ‘Forest’ installation also seeks to disorientate the viewer, placing her/him in digitally generated woodland; childhood forays are re-visited and re-lived as hyper-real, digitally enhanced experiences.


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New motion capture installation, Point A-B, by Openended Group.

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