Geoff Johns & Phil Jimenez (4 stars)

Infinite Crisis (DC)


Finally we get to the meat in the seemingly endless build up to DC’s earth shattering Infinite Crisis mega crossover. Comic fans will know that every now and then (usually once a summer) some huge calamity will threaten the universe our beloved caped crusaders inhabit, causing the entire superhero community band together to fight the coming apocalypse.

Back in 1985, Crisis on Infinite Earths started the trend and this is a direct sequel. The purpose of the original was to consolidate all of DC’s characters into one comprehensive and coherent whole, as various writers through the years had been writing their own versions of the likes of Superman and Batman with no thought to overall continuity. All this was explained away with the sci-fi staple of parallel worlds that all came crashing together to create one glorious whole, the DC universe as we know it today.

First a word of warning: this is total fanboy fodder, great for the die-hards but near impenetrable to the casual reader. You need at least some grounding in the DC universe’s grander concepts and the build up (particularly the events in Superman: Sacrifice and The OMAC Project). Basically the plot boils down to a few lines: the universe is in crisis and the long presumed dead heroes of Earth 2 return to right the world. It’s a truly epic, cosmic adventure and its ramifications will echo across the entire DC cannon (and lead directly into 52 and One Year Later, the next round of this monumental project). If you’re already hooked in, this is an unmissable comic event.

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