Helen Skelton made Paul Hollywood cry on The Great Sport Relief Bake Off

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  • 8 January 2014
Helen Skelton

Helen Skelton

Helen Skelton made Paul Hollywood to cry on 'The Great Sport Relief Bake Off' with her "giddy" behaviour

Helen Skelton reduced Paul Hollywood to tears on 'The Great Sport Relief Bake Off'.

The former 'Blue Peter' presenter is among the celebrities taking part in a special charity edition of 'The Great British Bake Off', and she was so starstruck around judges Paul and Mary Berry that she made the silverfox cry with her "giddy" antics.

She said: "I reduced Paul Hollywood to tears. He laughed so much he cried. Because he and Mary are so accomplished and intimidating, I lost it. I was reduced to acting like a seven year old, all giddy and ridiculous."

Despite her unruly behaviour, the 30-year-old beauty admits she wasn't nervous about the competitive baking involved in the show, even though she didn't have time to practice her kitchen skills.

She said: "I probably should have been [nervous]. I hadn't actually practised any of the things I made, which was stupid. My excuse is that I travel a lot so I didn't have a kitchen to practise in."

However, Helen insists her cooking is "terrible" and her friends don't trust her culinary skills.

Speaking to the Radio Times magazine, she explained: "When my friends come round for dinner, they bring their own ingredients and make it themselves. No one trusts me to have a go!"

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