Philip Olivier wants Brookside back

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  • 7 January 2014
Philip Olivier in Benidorm

Philip Olivier in Benidorm

'Benidorm' star Philip Olivier wants 'Brookside' to return after shooting to fame in the Channel 4 soap before it was axed in 2003

Philip Olivier wants to bring back 'Brookside'.

The 'Benidorm' actor shot to fame playing bad boy Tim 'Tinhead' O'Leary on the Channel 4 soap - which aired for 21 years until 2003 - and would love to see the show make a return one day.

He said: "I think it's a shame it went off the air. Liverpool is a great city with a huge amount of talent and I'd love to see it come back. I never turn down work to be honest."

Philip even has ideas about what could have happened to his character, who he played from 1996 until the show ended.

He added: "What would Tinhead be up to now? The way he was going, he'd probably be behind bars."

The 33-year-old star has previously been reluctant to take part in a reality TV show, but admits his attitude has now changed.

H said: "I used to say I wouldn't do 'Big Brother', 'I'm A Celebrity', stuff like that but I've changed as I've gotten older. I know I'm a good person and not a bit of a crank whose personality changes depending on where I am.

"My dream 'Big Brother' housemate would be I think he's hilarious, the way he goes off on these tangents and I like his perkiness. It would be nice having someone that upbeat around.

And the actor may also hope to be in a show alongside Leonardo DiCaprio as he has a "man crush" on the Hollywood legend.

Asked who his man crush is, he added to Attitude magazine: "Leonardo DiCaprio. I think he's captivating. I didn't think 'The Great Gatsby' was a great film but I watched the whole of it because he was in it. He's unbelievably good in everything. 'Django Unchained'. Everything. And he's really good looking as well as an amazing actor."

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