Pauline Quirke 'dead proud' of son

Pauline Quirke

Pauline Quirke

Pauline Quirke is "dead proud" of her actor son Charlie, who appears alongside her in the new series of 'Birds of a Feather'.

Pauline Quirke is "dead proud" of her actor son.

The 'Birds of a Feather' star's real-life offspring Charlie appears alongside her in the new series of the sitcom as her on-screen nephew Travis and she couldn't be happier with the ease he has tackled his first major acting role.

She said: "I'm dead proud of him anyway, I really am. He's a nice boy and was a lovely child to bring up. He's learning, it's his first big telly and it's lovely seeing how he is with the crew.

"It's complicated doing a multi-camera show with a live audience, so you have to be on your game - and he really is."

Charlie - whose father is the actress' husband Steve Sheen - is particularly enjoying the show because of the outfits he gets to wear, because his mother says he is a "tart".

Pauline added: "He loves the clothes he gets to wear on the show. He's a big tart my son. He loves his clothes and he loves looking nice."

To celebrate the end of filming the new series, Pauline and her co-stars - who include Linda Robson and Lesley Joseph - got "p***ed" and sang karaoke - and the 54-year-old actress stayed out much later than her son.

Asked how they marked the end of filming, Linda said: "We got p***ed! We had karaoke in the bar."

Pauline added to Attitude magazine: "A good sing-song with the crew, just in a room in the studio. Charlie left before me, but not much."


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