David Jason: Miley Cyrus shows society's lost 'standards'

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  • 5 January 2014
Sir David Jason

Sir David Jason

'Only Fools And Horses' star Sir David Jason has blasted Miley Cyrus and insisted she symbolises the low "standards" of society with her raunchy actions

Sir David Jason says Miley Cyrus "epitomises" everything wrong with society.

The 'Only Fools And Horses' star has blasted the controversial singer for her racy image and insisted it gives girls the wrong idea about how to "attract men".

He told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "Miley Cyrus epitomises what we have allowed. She has done it to break the mould.

"I can understand why, but we have given her the oxygen of publicity and encouraged it, so young girls will think it is the right way to attract men. We've lost our standards.

"Once upon a time if you said this or did that, you'd be off the air. They wouldn't dare show it."

The TV veteran also slammed modern comedy for its over-reliance on swearing and claimed people would be "happier" if there were more people like himself and Michael McIntyre.

He added: "We have lost a bit of invention in comedy and the use of graphic language puts me off.

"Someone like Michael McIntyre, I don't think I have ever heard him use strong language.

"He just makes an arse of himself, and that's what I do. If we had more of McIntyre ... and more of me, we'd all be happier!"

Miley Cyrus

The latest Disney child star to reject their wholesome image and begin the road to rehab, Cyrus tours her latest album Bangerz. Probably whilst twerking.

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